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Updated March 28, 2017

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Each and every one of us has come to participate in life expansion either for ourselves or for the life of another. Either you are the person who is used or you are the receiver. You agreed to that expansion or assignment—co-created your life, in a previous state. Your prayers, meditations, promises, and bargaining won’t change the predicament. This is known as your fate. However, how you react to your situation or circumstance determines your destiny. This is my belief.

Fortunately, many of our experiences are pleasant. And, I have come to believe the greater the gift or calling the more lemons you will be handed. I’ve had to suck on many a lemon and here are a few you may have had to endure. The lemon of:

·         the belief of lack or not enough,

·         rejection,

·         unworthiness,

·         guilt and unforgiveness,

·         victimization.

And maybe the end-of-life lemon. The death of a loved one.

So, what do you do? How do you maneuver? How do you create something sweet and savory from your terribly sour experience?

I recently lost my mother: my best friend, my support, and sometimes my biggest antagonist. If you’re a daughter, you understand what I’m saying. Her transition has caused me to rethink and rewrite this piece.

I still want to offer what I believe to be five key ingredients; however, this time I offer them with a big hole right smack in the middle of my heart.

  • Stand back and try your best to get a different perspective.

o   instead of seeing life as: life’s a you-know-what and then you die, why not see life as a temporary space where you learn life-expanding lessons to bring you into your true self and life purpose.

o   see sickness as a time of rest or a wake-up call.lemons, stress, hopelessness, life challenges, transition See sickness in others as an opportunity to assist, advocate, learn patience and compassion. Possibly, uncovering the illusions and demons that lurk in the deepest and darkest part of you. See the invaluable lessons the dying bring.

If you possibly can, keep in mind the dying individual has co-created their life as well. Perhaps, you aiding them in their end-of-day’s journey is not just their transition but your transition into a new and awakened new life. No matter how painful their transition might be, realize they are going back to spirit where they surround you everywhere and every day.

o   See lack as an opportunity to discover the hidden possibilities in yourself.

o   Approach any type of change as an opportunity for a new beginning.

  • Ask for help. If you can’t figure it out, don’t try to go it alone.

o   This can come from God, Holy Spirit, Universe, or the Angelic host. There’s been many an instance the supernatural has carried me through. You may also get expert assistance from a coach, psychologist, or a good and trusting friend who can be seen as an earth angel. But trust me, I have found the most loving, understanding nonjudgmental ear to be God’s. I then sit in silence and wait for solace and/or direction.

  • Reach out and help someone in more direr need than you.

o   Giving is a great healer. It’s a reciprocator. What you put out, is what you get. You reap what you sow. What goes around, comes around. I can’t stress the magic of this Law enough. Will you get hurt? Possibly. No. Probably. Take a break, if necessary, and when you’re ready begin again.

  • Be Grateful during the lemon storm.

o   It could always be worse. I’ll say it again. It can always be worse. And after watching my mom suffer the last 48 hours of her life, I don’t say this lightly. But, again, if you can, remember no matter what you’re going through you are still standing, breathing, and capable of reading this post. It may be through tears and a broken heart and disappointment; but, you’re standing.

Don’t wait for the transition to be over to give thanks. Being thankful, finding the miracle in the situation helps you move through and out of the condition more quickly and easily. If the difficulty is happening to someone other than you, teach them how they might see the light and be grateful. You, however, can only control your own state of gratefulness and happiness.

  • Be still and know.

When I first wrote this piece, I wrote, “Never changing your emotional position, know that from the lemons something flavorful, delicious, and amazing is being created and will manifest. All the why’s and how comes will be answered.” However, since my latest experience, I want to say this differently.

Your emotional state may change. After all, Jesus wept. He also pleaded with God to take the cup of suffering from him, if possible. And, he became angry turning over tables using a few colorful adjectives.

The Being still relates to what I said earlier in this piece. Tell your story, your plea, cry your cry to God. He hears and really is the only one who truly cares. Know that He hears and help, His divine assistance, is on the way.

Making lemon meringue is still complicated and can be quite tricky. In the making, there are many cooking pitfalls just as in life. However, when the technique is learned and the pitfalls are identified and conquered, the result is a bittersweet but flavorfully light, and billowy dessert—a dream come true, manifestation of the sublime; and life-purpose fulfilled.

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