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The Key to Success: Discovering the God Consciousness

What is the God Consciousness?

The God mind or God consciousness is the mind that is crystal clear, free of confusion, fear, and delusion. It is the mind that naturally knows the path to your true purpose and calling and can only lead you to success. Stay with me a few moments as I share how you might achieve this consciousness.

How many times have you conjured up a story in your head and after thinking about it for hours, if not days or weeks, it’s left you feeling angry, insecure, restless and possibly hopeless? Whether you were aware or not, you acted from those feelings. Your actions may have been completely unfounded, but you took them anyway. This is why.

Thoughts Lead to Feelings

Feelings Lead to Actions

And, Your Actions Give You Results

Nothing manifests before the thought is formed.

So, how do you produce these thoughts? The mind seems to be this mysterious object in your head you can’t control. Well, a part of that is correct. Let’s look at the three levels of the mind.

The Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is what I call the Niagara-Falls mind. This part of your mind, comprised of your human experiences is energy without direction. And no, you can’t stop it; you can’t contain it. It’s raw energy. As a colleague of mine puts it, it’s the basement of the mind where the dark and scary monsters live. However, while the subconscious cannot be stopped, I believe, it can be retrained.

The Conscious Mind

The conscious mind is the mortal mind, or the carnal mind. It sees life as it appears to be, that is life as you have come to believe. Whatever your subconscious mind has been conjuring up in its dark room, the conscious mind sees in the light creating the perfect picture. It is the unspoken faith and beliefs you hold; the substance of things hoped for. The conscious mind is the evidence of those things you have been secretly seeing. If you want to know what you have been imagining, just look at your life.

The God-Conscious Mind

As mentioned, the God-conscious mind is the elevated, all powerful, intelligent mind. This is where you are empowered. It is the mind that knows what you were born to do, knows why you came, and knows your purpose. It achieves all things. It is your Spirit. The super-conscious mind, or God consciousness, is not acquainted with fear, pain or lack.

However, the God consciousness is well acquainted with love, perfection, and abundance. It is pure and it is holy. Tapping into this mind lies the secret for your success.

Accessing the God Consciousness

Possibly, you have tried using the positive thinking path only to find after a few weeks or even months you are right back where you began. Positive thinking is not enough and change only occurs on a superficial level. We must delve to a deeper depth to influence the subconscious and attain God-consciousness.

Why Bother?

Whether you are aware or not, your subconscious mind is responsible for 90% of your decisions. That’s right! Those basement-level, dungeon and dragon thoughts are running and possibly ruining your life. Therefore, you can recite affirmations, take a class, go to a 3-day workshop and nothing ever permanently changes. So, let’s look at how we can get long-term, positive effects for your success. Let’s look at some long-held beliefs.

  • Do you trust in money and believe it is power?
  • Do you believe you have to work hard for your money?
  • And, lastly do you believe in duality?

Learning to Lift Your Consciousness

Money is Not Power

god consciousness, money, power, successDo this exercise with me. Take a piece of money from your wallet. It can be of any denomination. It can be a $0.25 piece; or, it can be a $1.00 to $20.00 bill. Now, really look at it. Look at it with all your might. Whether it is metal or paper, can it get up from that table and do anything? Can it pour you a glass of water? Can it heal your hurting heart? No! It has no power of its own.

  • Now, allow yourself to think about how you received the money and from where it came.
  • Did you work for it receiving the money from your employer or self-employment?
  • Was it a gift?

Close your eyes and begin to think about the work you did to receive the money.

  • What did you create?

Think about the individuals who put the money into your hands.

  • What did you have to do?
  • What did you have to be?

Affecting Change Through Feelings

Think on your accomplishments. And, even if you have ill feelings toward the person who gave you the money and you dislike the job, neutralize the feeling. Detach from that feeling. Believe the person is neither good nor bad, they just are. The same for the task. The job just is.

If a gift:

  • What lovely person gifted you?
  • How did you feel when you received “the matter”?

The same if it were a gift associated with negativity: a divorce, a settlement, or beneficiary claim. Neutralize the situation and think of the good you will do with “the matter.” Notice I am calling money “the matter.” It is only substance, material, stuff.

If you are still sitting with this metal and paper in front of you, and still having good thoughts around your “matter” you will eventually notice your thoughts are calm and your feelings will immediately follow. You may even find yourself in a joyful state thinking good thoughts. The metal or paper is still laying on the table. It holds no power!

Change Your Thoughts

Thinking good and loving thoughts around money from a neutral place verses a fear-filled,feelings, success, happiness, yucatanwellness panic-gripped mentality, will help you produce calm and neutral feelings toward it allowing you to draw more of the same. You can now form new conscious and more importantly sub-conscious thoughts around this matter we have named money. In this process, you realize the power is not in the money. The power is in you. The good feelings you will continue to receive as you produce more of this “matter,” realizing you hold the power to create this material, will imprint upon your sub-conscious mind thereby, transforming your world. Do you see the cycle? You can do this with anything.

Change Via Imagination

Training the imagination to be one minded or one with God makes it possible to achieve God consciousness. This does not mean you will not have challenges in your life. But, it does mean you learn how to jump over the hurdles. You can train your mind to flow around the barriers like a river flowing around large rocks which is a lot less strenuous than lifting the rocks. We take the power out of what we perceive to be the problem and proceed with changing our mind.

The above is one way we can experience real change in our subconscious, consciously manifesting the desires of our heart. There are others: I’ll share two of my favorites, which really are one.


prayer, god-consciousness, god, solutionsPrayer can be addictive and calming. You don’t have to take to your knees. And, you don’t have to stop what you’re doing. Neither does prayer need to be elaborate. The best communication I have with Spirit is when I’m holding a friendly conversation. I talk with God like I’m speaking to my best friend. I speak and then I politely allow Creator, or the Universe whom I call God, to speak. I then listen.

Speaking to God allows us to let go of our frustration. It can be used as an opportunity to give thanks. Let’s use our money example. Prayer can be used if you are frustrated with your financial situation allowing you to vent somewhat. Or, you can be thankful for that situation which is provision no matter how little you believe it’s worth. I, personally, believe approaching God with a grateful heart is the better approach. Being thankful, despite.

Then Silence

Silence is the truest form of prayer. When you come to the realization God is omniscience, the need for long ostentatious prayer ends. You realize the best communication is when God speaks to your heart. This is the more difficult part. But, how do you get to know the secrets for your life if you’re not silent enough to hear?

Now I know, immediately, you think of sitting in some stuffy dark room with candles burning and low music. Well, that does work. But, if you can find a place, meditating in the great outdoors surrounded by nature places you right smack in the middle of the Garden of Eden. That is the place before the knowledge of good and evil; before failure and success; before polarity.

Practicing Silence in Prayer

  • Sit quietly in the Yoga lotus position or not. Just sit comfortably.
  • Take deep controlled breaths, as deep as possible.
  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • Listen to the wind; or listen to the waves.

In the beginning, your mind will wonder all over the place,

  • “Did I turn the tea kettle off?”
  • “I forgot to make my travel resos.”
  • “How long have I been sitting here?”

meditation, yoga, silence, prayer, god-consciousness, consciousnessBut, stay the course and don’t fight your thoughts. They are you. Be committed to hearing the heart of God.

You can use one word to bring you back on course if you find yourself distracted. And, you will especially if you are a beginner. Some use “OM.” I use the word Jesus. There are times I will even say, “There is none like God,” just once, as needed to help me refocus.

Then sit and listen to your intuitive voice or what some call Holy Spirit. Hold these words and sessions as sacred not sharing what has been given to anyone unless guided to do so. If nothing else, allow yourself to feel God’s unconditional love in your meditation and prayer sessions.

Eventually, with practice, you will become detached from the negativity of the world not necessarily ignoring what’s happening, but you’ll be able to observe as if you were watching a movie. Neutral. Knowing that you are in control of your life, you are one with God, and you co-create your beautiful and loving world with God.

Make A Conscious Decision

While mentioned last, making a conscious decision to find your God Consciousness is the most important thing you must do. When you consciously decide you want nothing less than success for your life and the highest good for all, the shift happens. Though the out picturing may take some time, it happens immediately.  And, when we make a conscious demand on the Universe there is disruption. But, remember the disruption must come before there is the breaking through of the God-consciousness and your success appears.


Striving for God consciousness takes commitment, tenacity, and persistence. But striving for such is worth every effort and every lesson that has and is coming your way.

Need help with achieving such? Check out our weekly podcast The MIRACLE Zone. 9 AM Pacific, Tuesdays. Want personal assistance Contact us here today, right now.

“To enjoy good health, to bring true happiness to one’s family, to bring peace to all, one must first discipline and control one’s own mind. If a man can control his mind, he can find the way to enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.” –Buddha

“Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus (the enlightened one). –The Epistle of Apostle Paul to the Philippians.

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