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Mature Journey to Passion

“In order to find your passion or calling you must first find healing or simply become whole.”

mature journey to passion, spiritual, yucatan wellnessJoin Pamela for a once-in-a-lifetime fun and exciting holistic Spiritual adventure in Yucatan, US or Scotland. Your package, created for the over forty holist who is looking to re-live life to its fullest, has been carefully designed to:

guide you easily and painlessly into finding your meaning in life,

help you uncover your fears in living life to its fullest,

lead you into discovering your higher purpose,

connect you with your exhilarating passion; and,

facilitate change.

This is accomplished by providing you simple tools to help create positive change and shifts while maximizing your health using the ancient Maya means to healing as well as cutting-edge medical, emotional, and spiritual healing techniques.

The journey doesn’t stop here. While finding the answers and deeper meaning for your surviving life, you’ll simultaneously explore the magical and spiritual regions of your retreat site combining adventure and fun.

Custom group size minimum for this retreat is 8

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