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Yucatán Alternative Health & Healing Retreat

The Yucatán Alternative Health & Healing Retreat is designed for the individual who is suffering from dis-ease and is ready to take responsibility for their personal health. You are seeking empowerment. You wish to make educated wholesome and emboldened decisions about, not just your physical, but your mental; emotional; and intellectual health. You want to seize the day and the opportunity to become complete. You’ll leave the Yucatán Alternative Health and Healing Retreat feeling healthier, empowered, emboldened, wiser, and in complete control of your health excited to live out an optimal life.

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Executives Are People Too - Get off the Grid Workshop Retreat

The Executives Are People Too: Get Off-the-Grid workshop retreat was created with C-Suitors and company leaders in mind. The world today is fast paced.  A barrage of information is hitting all of us 24/7.  However, for you, In order for your corporation to succeed, to make your bottom-line numbers and meet the demands of the stockholders, you must be able to quickly assimilate and digest every piece of information pertinent to your field and your organization to remain competitive and on top. Sometimes, oftentimes, this will lead to personal burnout.

With a combined 52 years of corporate experience and Pamela’s 14 years of experience as a C-Suite team member, the staff at Yucatán Wellness understands how lonely and, more importantly, how stressful at the top can be. We realize executives are people too having to deal with everyday life situations just like the rest: divorce and separation, fatigue and even illness.

Why not let us assist in facilitating a unique and personalized off-the-grid corporate retreat for you and your executive management team, today? Or, check out one of our other specialized retreats under the ‘Programs and Retreats’ tab just for you.

Mature Journey to Passion Retreat

Has a major-life transition such as job loss, divorce, or death of a loved one left you reeling, confused, and looking for deeper answers? Are you possibly reflecting back on life thinking, “What the hell?” Or, are you feeling you just want to live out the rest of your years with a hoot?

The Mature Journey to Passion retreat is a spiritual program-retreat created with the mature person in mind who is seeking the deeper meaning of life. You are ready to look life in the eye and live it in its fullness while embracing your ultimate calling and passion. If you want to get back up and enjoy what’s ahead, passionately, this retreat is for you.

Leave your retreat back on track with positive answers to the why and how-come questions feeling rejuvenated, reinvigorated, and recreated possessing effective tools to live out your finest years fulfilled–purposefully and passionately.

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One Hour to One-day Services


“Pamela your listeners wait at the edge of their seats for your next words. They are powerful” – Gloria, Past Chairperson, National Council of Negro Women, Denver.

If you’re looking for a unique, life-changing experience for your small business meeting, large conference, or round-table discussion, you’ve come to the right spot.

  • Speaker
  • Facilitator
  • Teacher and healer
  • Angel Oracle Card Reader

Custom one-day workshop retreats are doable.


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