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The MIRACLE Zone Podcast

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Making It (Your Miracle) Reality Against Circumstance, Logic, and Economics

The MIRACLE Zone podcast is not about a particular religion, what particular church you belong to;  or, the congregation you attend.

What is the MIRACLE Zone?

It’s Where the Angels hangout, LIVE! And the miracle zone podcast, yucatan-wellness podcasting, wellness, well-being, spirituality, healingMagic of life unfolds! 

The MIRACLE Zone podcast is about your vertical connection to God. So, when you step into your church, temple, or cathedral you already know what the minister, rabbi, or prophet is going to speak. Their message simply serves as a confirmation to what you have already heard.

Then, in that Spirit of love like the breath of God, that same message will spread through you. Flowing over your congregation, your community, and your land penetrating the hearts of the people and their minds. Hence, the change.

How Do You Achieve This Connection?

The MIRACLE Zone is not about one leader. It is about a gang of leaders taking God’s love, compassion, healing and freedom — to ALL!

Each week, you are guided step-by-step, through fearless; painless; and anxiety-free transition where the goal is transformation. This is where the miracle lives.

So whether you are experiencing a

  • life change
  • mate change
  • career change or job loss
  • empty-nest syndrome
  • retirement
  • loss of a loved one, or
  • plain ole limbo

and you’re looking for transformation, Chapman assists in making your transition as easy and painless as possible.

Start Your MIRACLE Today

The popular show transcends and shifts with each episode. The premier episodes start you off with  practical, soul-healing, spiritual guidance. Walking in the MIRACLE Zone – Making It Reality Against Circumstance, Logic & Economics, is the workbook used in conjunction with the podcast.

Here, Pamela walks her listeners, meticulously, through the guidebook using real-life experiences and examples of success. Helping you to realize you are never alone.

Listen to the podcasts and get your free workbook, below, to guide you into your vertical connection and Walk into your MIRACLE today.


“This programming has helped me to transition through a nasty divorce. I made it through and I now believe in myself and I’m stronger. This was accomplished by learning there is no separation between me and God.” Sharone–Denver, Colorado.

Walking in the MIRACLE Zone

MIRACLE Zone WorkbookGet your free, get down-to-business workbook now ($59 value)

Ready to work with a spiritual, well-life manifestor so you can achieve your dream and receive what's rightfully yours? How about learning practical & sensible steps so you can do just that? Click on the "Grab it Now" bar and join the MIRACLE Zone family so you can begin to walk into your MIRACLE, today.
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What Wellness You'll Receive from Your Walking In The MIRACLE Zone Workbook

  1. MIRACLE stands for Making It Reality Against Circumstance, Logic, and Economics. So regardless of how dire your situation; and your mind telling you, you can’t get out of your situation or you can’t achieve your dream due to your economic status, this workbook will help you begin to unite you with your God self and prove to you, you CAN!
    1. It will teach you how to be a well Being–from your tippity toes to your Crown.
  2. You’re Never alone. Chapman shares her personal miracles: real-life, challenging situations she has overcome by keeping the faith. She tells of believing in a force greater than herself and how she then implemented those practical steps given through Divine guidance. Here’s only a few steps she shares in her chapters:
    1. Her present-day definition of God.
    2. How to reignite your dream realizing the difference between your dream and your fantasy.
    3. The importance of seeing with clarity while helping you design a plan and map to manifest your destiny.
    4. How to find your rhythm in life so you may dance your way into total well-being.
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And, there is much, much more. Thirteen steps or thirteen chapters in all.

If you get stuck along the way, she provides easy access to free complementary 15-minute sessions, as well as spiritually enlightening wellness coaching (sold separately) aka life-transition coaching.

Why let your dream, your purpose, continue to be out of your reach? Receive what is yours–that which is exceedingly and abundantly beyond all you can think or imagine.

But Chapman emphasizes, “There are no short cuts. You must do the work.” 

Get started right away. Click the “Grab it Now” bar and receive your digital copy immediately.


“I look back over all the many years I’ve lived and I just now realize I never really loved myself. I accepted the words others had spoken over me. Thank you, Pamela, for helping me see.” -Louise, Torrance, CA

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