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About Yucatán Wellness

We are providing Tools to help Maximize your holistic well-being by following the ancient paths to natural healing while incorporating cutting-edge healing techniques: (EFT, Psych K, Angel-card coaching, Meditative healing).

This is How We Do It! (Dance break)

We emphasize the modalities of self-love and manifestation while in your transition-whether that transition is personal or a business transition.

  • You do this either by means of:
    • personal coaching
    • group coaching
    • live online classes (webinars)
    • a one-day retreat
    • a weekend retreat
    • a custom retreat designed especially for you and your group

All while having fun! Well, most of the time.

We do have some very serious moments where you might even need a tissue.

Our clients are looking to:

Experience peace of mind

Elevate their thinking

Enhance their bodies either medically or physically

Enlighten themselves through spiritual awareness and awakening

Empower their lives by manifesting their desires and purpose

The Yucatán Wellness client is looking not just to sustain their life but to live life in its fullness.

We at YW are dedicated to providing:

  • Safe, peaceful, and beautiful facilities where you feel at one with their environment
  • Wellness and life-transition facilitation and healing by certified and experienced Wellness Specialist and Life-transition Coaches.
  • Attentive and Caring Post-Op Facilitation and Care
    • or just a means to disconnect from it all.
  • Exercise Classes on and off premises: Zumba, Palates, Yoga, Qi Gong
  • Massage Therapies

Extended custom retreats may be held in the U.S.A., U.K. and Yucatan.)

Get to Know Us Better

Pamela Chapman, CTACC, CCWS
Pamela Chapman, life-transition coach, transition, transformation, manifestation, love

Pamela, is a natural healer & teacher with her spiritual path spanning more than twenty-six years. She helps her clients manifest their dreams come true as they walk into their purpose and calling all while learning to love themselves so others might do the same.

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Andrew Osborne, EC

Andrew Osborne, Executive Chef, studied Culinary Arts, Classical French, graduating in 1979 from Inverness Technical College, Scotland. He has worked around the world and now owns and operates Eagle Smoked Salmon in the Colorado Rockies.

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Dr. Sandra Thebaud, Ph.D.

Dr. Sandra is a Fellow and Board Member of the American Institute of Stress and a PSYCH-K® facilitator.  She is also an author, a speaker and has a private practice in Denver, CO. She enjoys working individually with people as well as training groups.

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Ileana Medina Che, Assistant

Ileana Medina Che is a native to Mexico born and raised in Yucatán. Having lived two years in Los Angeles, CA, she fell in love with the English language. She taught herself how to master the language making her a proficient translator today. She is Pamela’s right-hand person.

Yucatan, Mexico

 Historical, Spiritual, Mystical

Yucatán today has the reputation for being the safest state in all of Mexico. Yucatán is inter-weaved with dramatic history, spirituality, rich culture and a thriving commerce.

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