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Chef Andrew Osborne-Background

Andrew Osborne, Yucatan Wellness, clean eating,Andrew Osborne, Executive Chef, studied Culinary Arts–Classical French graduating from Scotland’s Inverness Technical College in 1979. He worked around the world and now owns and operates Eagle Smoked Salmon, a successful food-manufacturing company in the Colorado Rockies.

Osborne relocated from Scotland to the Bahamas in 1984 cooking as Sous Chef for the British Royalist. These include but not limited to: Prince Andrew, Price Phillip, Lord and Lady Brabourne and the Astors.

In 1986, Osborne was given the opportunity to transfer to the States working as a Sous Chef for Orient Express Hotels in the beautiful Rockies of Colorado. Orient Express, at that time, was a conglomerate of upscale resorts and restaurants frequented by the rich and famous. After one year of working in the States, he returned to the Bahamas this time as Head Chef.

Eagle Smoked Salmon, Inc., is Born

In 1987, Osborne transferred back to the States working with the same organization. Finding it challenging to find a superb smoked salmon for the resort’s upscale clientele, he began smoking his own quality salmon from Scotland and Norway. After friends and family sampled his product, Osborne was convinced to start his own business.

In 1999, Andrew Osborne formed Eagle Smoked Salmon Inc. named after the beautiful Valley he settled in and loved. His smoked salmon and trout is now shipped Lock Etive Salmon Farm, Scotland, salmon, chef andrew osbornethroughout the U,S. while providing his smoked salmon to the global food distributor Whole Foods Markets, Rocky-Mountain Region; farmers’ markets; and up-scaled resort restaurants.

Osborne has a love for cooking, presenting and eating “clean” food. These are foods free of GMO’s, trans fats, high-salt content, MSG, and gluten. He often works with a local artist and art therapist.  The two deliver therapeutic classes through art and cuisine with Osborne specifically teaching individuals how to cook clean, free of toxins, easily and economically. Clients and family members have seen pounds melt away and illnesses dissipate due to this clean and healthy mindset.

His natural talent and love of food makes him one of the best culinary experts in the field. He now resides part-time in both the Yucatan and Colorado with his wife, Pamela and three faithful companions: Talley, Whiskey and Jessie.

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